Home again

We are home again. Safe and sound.

When we got up to leave Williams, AZ the temp was about 21 degrees…pretty cold. DSC_0001  Even the birds were waiting for the sun to warm them up.DSC_0003 Note the frost on the window.  Bruce had started getting things ready outside when he had a problem with the stabilizer jacks at the rear of the trailer. The motor didn’t seem to be working. Not good.  The jacks are electric so his first thought was that a fuse had blown. We’d been having problems with the landing jacks in front and had blown fuses a couple of times there already. But he couldn’t find a fuse that went to the stabilizers. When he tried to use the manual crank on the jacks, the post broke off making it useless.  So there he was, no gloves, laying on the ground, under the trailer trying to figure out what was wrong. When the office opened up I went in to see if they had a pair of gloves I could buy that would fit Bruce, but when I told the camp host what was going on she lent us a pair. I asked about RV repair places and told her what was wrong and she said she would call someone locally who might be able to help out.

After trying to work with the gloves and getting nowhere, Bruce decided that he would disconnect the motor and try and manually raise the jacks. Of course working in the cold makes things twice as hard and the bolts and nuts are very tiny. The camp host came out a little while later with a nice cup of hot chocolate and told Bruce that she had contacted a repairman but he was not available until that evening, but he was available to talk to over the phone. So Bruce told him the problem and the repairman guessed that the motor had frozen up for some reason. He continued to work  and when he had gotten it disconnected we tried the switch again and it started to work again. It probably was the cold that was keeping it from turning. He remounted the motor and got the jacks up. Problem solved.

Then there was the huge black widow spider I encountered in the compartment with the gas bottles when I went to turn them off. I didn’t take her picture…spiders creep me out!

We decided to drive as far as Bakersfield, CA and finish the trip on Saturday. DSC_0004 This is entering CA at the Colorado River and border with Arizona. It was a pretty uneventful day of driving and just about 400 miles. We passed by an airport in the desert near Edwards AFB that is sort of a mothball fleet of commercial airliners. DSC_0007  DSC_0008  Then the windmills on Tehachapi Pass. DSC_0011  DSC_0013

We didn’t make any reservations but looked up some parks on the internet. None of the parks so far had been even close to being full so we thought we’d take a chance on finding a space. As it turned out the park we had chosen was just closing the office when we arrived, but they did have room for us and we got set up for the night.  A lot of people came in after us, people who had made reservations, so the park was pretty full after all.DSC_0015  DSC_0016

Coming into the valley at Bakersfield we could see a smog line so thick the visibility was probably only a couple of miles. DSC_0014I haven’t seen smog that bad in years. When the air is clear you can usually see the mountains on either side of the valley, but we could not even see the city from the top of the pass. It was just a brown cloud. If I were visiting California for the first time, I would not have been impressed!  In the morning the smog was still there, seeming to be a little less but we could still not see any mountains. As we drove up the valley towards Sacramento it cleared and by the time we reached the north valley we could start to see blue sky again. We need some rain to clear the air.

Before we left home Bruce put up some gutter guards to keep the woodpeckers from loading the gutters with acorns. So they found another place to stash their treasures…inside my windows! DSC_0019 Evidently I hadn’t shut the windows tight and locked them and the birds figured it was a good place to put acorns. I was amazed when I saw this and upon opening the window all the way, DSC_0023a shower of acorns came down. They were even on the top of the window and in all the nooks and crannies. Very resourceful birds. Sorry, tho, I do not want my windows full of acorns. Where will they choose next?

We’re having a ‘Goldilocks and the 3 Bears’ feeling since getting home…someone has been in the house, moving things,  lights on or off, ceiling fan on when I know I turned it off before we left,  etc.  Nothing is missing, just rearranged. It’s obvious that the person doesn’t know where the light switches are or how they are suppose to work and my timers are all off.  Makes us wonder what went on while we were gone.  Oh well, confession is good for the soul so maybe our mystery guest will come forth.

Until next time.


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